What are the main differences between each edition of 1CRM?

1CRM Startup and Startup+ have capacity limits for targets, leads, contacts and accounts, which means once you reach the limit, you cannot add any more to the system. At that time, you can upgrade to Professional or Enterprise to continue adding more. They also have user limits, which means that you can only purchase up to 10 users on Startup+ and 3 users on Startup. The free On-Premise Startup Edition also cannot be updated as 1CRM evolves, and contains 1CRM branding on the footer of 1CRM PDF Documents, and at the bottom of sent emails.

1CRM Professional is our standard edition that includes no capacity or user limit, and all the regular features of 1CRM. It also includes the REST API Service and access to the 1CRM Mobile iPhone App.

1CRM Enterprise is the most customizable edition, because it includes the PDF Form Designer, Module Designer and Price Books, in addition to all the features of 1CRM Professional Edition.

You can upgrade or downgrade your 1CRM system at any time by purchasing a new license key. Any amount already paid will be used as credit towards your new edition, not refunded. To learn more, see Editions and Pricing, or create your custom CRM solution here.