What’s the Difference Between On-Premise Software and the 1CRM Cloud Service?

1CRM provides two methods of deployment: On-Premise and Cloud Service. On-Premise means that you purchase user licences, and then install them on your company server, or perhaps at your local ISP. On one hand, there is more work involved in having your own server, and someone with enough technical savvy to take care of it. But on the other, you may prefer to have your business-critical information on your own server, not someone else’s.

1CRM Cloud Service is often referred to as Cloud CRM, SaaS, On-Demand CRM, or web CRM. In this option, you never have to install the software or maintain a server. You are simply provided with a URL to your 1CRM system. Backups of your software and data are managed transparently, and the solution ultimately allows you to focus less on information technology, and more on growing your business. This option starts at $12/user per month and Support & Updates are included.

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