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New to 1CRM? Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions.
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If I start using 1CRM On-Premise or 1CRM Cloud, can I switch at a later date?

Yes, you can move from Cloud to On-Premise at any time. You can do this by making a backup to your computer or perhaps Dropbox, then restoring that backup onto your own server. If you or someone working with you is IT capable, then you can do it yourselves using our documentation. Instructions on...

What’s the Difference Between On-Premise Software and the 1CRM Cloud Service?

1CRM provides two methods of deployment: On-Premise and Cloud Service. On-Premise means that you purchase user licences, and then install them on your company server, or perhaps at your local ISP. On one hand, there is more work involved in having your own server, and someone with enough technical s...

Is 1CRM an Open Source CRM System?

Every edition of 1CRM comes with the source code of the CRM system. This provides you with insight into the functionality of 1CRM and the opportunity to modify it to suit your needs. 1CRM can also be used as a platform to create CRM extensions. You can sell them, or provide them as open source softw...

Can I convert my Free Trial into a regular plan?

Yes – to save your data and continue growing your business with 1CRM, you can apply your trial license key to a new 1CRM Subscription here anytime before your 30 day free trial is up. See Editions & Pricing for more details on the CRM solutions 1CRM offers.

Can I upgrade to Professional or Enterprise from Startup?

Yes! You only need to purchase and apply a new license key from the Store, and all of your information will automatically become available within the upgraded Edition.

What's the difference between the Free 1CRM Startup Edition and the 30 Day Free Trial?

The On-Premise 1CRM Startup Edition needs to be downloaded and installed on your server. Up to 3 users have lifetime access to the 1CRM system. The 30 Day Free Trial uses the 1CRM Cloud Service – so there is no install required. We simply provide you with a link to login to your 1CRM. Up to 5 use...

What are the main differences between each edition of 1CRM?

1CRM Startup and Startup+ have capacity limits for targets, leads, contacts and accounts, which means once you reach the limit, you cannot add any more to the system. At that time, you can upgrade to Professional or Enterprise to continue adding more. They also have user limits, which means that yo...

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! You can start using 1CRM immediately with a completely free and full-featured 30-day trial – no credit card or installation required. You can also explore 1CRM immediately by accessing the Live Demo.

Can I use 1CRM on my mobile device?

Yes! You can access your 1CRM anytime, anywhere, and from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.

How secure is my data in your 1CRM Cloud Service? Can I access the service using HTTPS?

Yes, you can access your 1CRM Cloud service using either HTTPS or HTTP. The HTTPS capability (HTTP over SSL or TLS) is made possible by a self-generated certificate installed on each 1CRM Cloud instance by default. If you prefer, you can install your own commercial certificate instead. Your brow...

What are the main features 1CRM includes?

1CRM is an all-in-one CRM system, including sales & marketing automation, full order management and project management, customer service, and daily activities, such as an integrated email and calendar system. Explore this chart to see a full list of features.

What is my Trial URL?

The Trial URL field above usually contains your business name, or an abbreviation of it. For example, if your business was called Sweet Woodruff, you could type ‘sweetwoodruff’ into the field, and then your Trial URL would be No spaces, special characters, or upperca...

Will 1CRM give refunds?

As per our terms of service, 1CRM does not issue refunds. If you are on a paid plan, you can cancel at any time, but you will not receive a refund for any unused portion of your subscription.

What payment methods do you accept?

For paid plans, 1CRM accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, and cheques. (All prices in US$

How do I log into the 1CRM Mobile iPhone App?

In order to use the 1CRM Mobile iPhone app, you need the following: Your 1CRM System must be running at least release 7.8.8 or later Your 1CRM System must be either the Professional or Enterprise Edition – Startup and Startup+ do not work with the App. Given you satisfy those two requir...

What is CRM?

We’re glad you asked! CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a business strategy that focuses on attracting, retaining, and delighting customers. Happy customers will often buy more, tell their friends about your business, and stay loyal to your brand. A CRM solution (software or serv...