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Got questions about 1CRM Startup Edition? We have the answers!
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Is the On-Premise Startup Edition really free?

Yes, it’s totally free – no catches. You don’t even need a credit card to install and use 1CRM, and it’s not a trial so you can use it for as long as you like! Up to 3 users can have access, so it’s perfect for small businesses.

Does the Startup Edition receive Support or Updates?

1CRM Startup Edition Cloud Service receives support and updates, while the free On-Premise software does not. We encourage Startup users to visit the Video Learning Library, review the User Guide, access the 1CRM Help Center.

What happens when the Lead/Target/Account limit is reached on 1CRM Startup or Startup+ Edition?

When you try to save Account number 301, or Contact/Lead/Target number 751 for example, you will get a message that the capacity limit has been reached, and the Save will not work. To add more, you will have to upgrade your 1CRM. It is not recommended to delete contacts, as 1CRM is more powerful ...

Is the Self-Service Portal & eStore included in the Startup Edition?

The portal is included free with every On-Premise edition of 1CRM, including the Free 1CRM On Premise Startup Edition. On Premise support subscriptions can be purchased separately if required, or if you’d like to host a 1CRM Portal & eStore on the Cloud, we offer a 1CRM Cloud Portal service via a...

Can I use the 1CRM Cloud Service with the Startup Edition?

Yes! You can use the 1CRM Startup Edition Cloud Service for as little as $12/month!